Visit Columbia Tn welcomes the media to ask questions and write about our awesome city! We are your local resource for information on the City of Columbia, Tennessee. We're happy to assist qualified journalists with organizing media visits, group press tours; interviews, arranging itineraries, visits to local attractions, points of interest, and events. We can inspire you with ideas for travel stories, too.


Media Visits

If you are a journalist on assignment we are happy to assist with arrangements for your visit. Email Kellye Murphy for more information. Please give us advance notice in order to best accommodate your assignment, along with details such as media outlet, story theme, audience, (print, web, broadcast) coverage, and expected date of publication. Our goal is to assist you with one-on-one guidance, attraction passes, local contacts, itineraries, and media hotel rate. In special cases, a complimentary room night may be offered at the discretion of the local hotel properties, based on availability and interest.


Video / Film Production

Thank you for checking with us to see what requirements are in place for shooting video / film production in the city limits of Columbia, TN.

  • We ask to be notified of any videography / film production happening in Columbia by email or by phone (931) 560-1575 as a courtesy to our police, fire, codes departments.
  • No permit is required if there are no street closures requested and there is minimal disruption to foot traffic.
  • Permits are required IF you are requesting any street closures, which require a 60-day notice. The permit application is available on the City of Columbia website. Fees and requirements, such as a COI (certificate of insurance) are detailed in the application.



Let us know what you're looking for and we can respond quickly with a Dropbox link by email with a variety of photos to choose from for editorial, non-commercial, one-time use by permission of Visit Columbia Tn. Email Kellye Murphy with your wishlist.