The outdoors recharges your soul and energizes your spirit whether you choose trails for mountain biking, canoeing on the Duck River, strolling the park, hiking the Yanahli Preserve, or fishing the lakes. No matter how you get outdoors, just get outdoors! 

Take a hike at Yanahli Park 

Yanahli Park offers 474 acres of trails, exploration, and excursion opportunities. Cheeks Bend Bluff View Trail being one of those excursions, is a two-mile trail that wanders along the bluff overlooking the Duck River. This intersects with Rummage Cave, a horizontal cave with five oval rooms about 30-feet wide - an explorer’s dream. This natural area offers numerous unique landscapes and forests.

See Stillhouse Hollow Falls 

Explore where the wet-weather springs emerge into a rich habitat at Stillhouse Hollow Fallsa must-see sight. This 90-acre state natural area, located 21 miles southwest of Columbia, offers a beautiful natural area with a signature waterfall and streams that will leave you surrounded with relaxation as you take in the scenery. This can be seen by walking approximately 2/3 of a mile along the Stillhouse Hollow Falls Trail.

Take a bike Ride at Chickasaw Trace Park 

Grab your bike and hit the trails on Chickasaw Trace Park. This 300-acre park is located on the banks of the Duck River and offers 8.5 miles of single-track mountain bike trails. Chickasaw is suitable for all levels of mountain bike riders – from expert racers to beginners. A weekend at Chickasaw will find expert racers training or families with children enjoying the scenic river and view. Chickasaw Trace Park also has a log cabin rental and two open-air shelters available for gatherings.

Float the Duck River 

The Duck River is a place for everyone! You can relax and explore while floating the Duck River on kayak or canoe. It winds 290 miles through Middle Tennessee and is one of the longest rivers that runs entirely within the state’s borders. It is considered one of the most bio-diverse rivers in the U.S. rich in fish and mussel diversity. Soak in the beautiful scenery in one of the state's most scenic waterways! Higher Pursuits offers a wide array of water based adventures, including kayak rentals, canoe rentals, paddling classes, and guided trips on the Duck River.

Fish at Williamsport Lakes

Williamsport Fishing Lakes is an extreme getaway for fishing lovers! It is one of the most popular and most visited places in Middle Tennessee, and you will see why when you visit. Find Largemouth Bass, Florida Bass, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Blue & Channel Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass, and more. You can also enjoy the beautiful greenery with a blanket and picnic ending the day with a walk on the dock! 

Go off-road at Fisher's Off-Road Rentals

Take a ride on the wild side at Fisher's Off-Road Rentals! This off-road excursion features guided Polaris Side By Side rides and tours. Explore scenic Middle Tennessee backroads and capture beautiful water crossings, waterfalls, lakes, and more! This is a great outdoor experience for the whole family.