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Chickasaw Trace Park

  • Overview

    Chickasaw Trace Park is a 300-acre park located on the banks of the Duck River and the tributary, Knob Creek. It has been designed with 8.5 miles of single track mountain bike trails. Chickasaw Trace Park is suitable for all levels of Mountain Bike riders – from expert racers to 5-year-olds. If ridden in a clockwise direction from the trailhead at the MTB parking lot, the initial 3.5 miles are relatively flat and follow Knob Creek and the Duck River. Upon entering the “Trail of Tears”, the final five miles become more difficult, also known as “technical” among Mountain Bike enthusiasts. The course is designed with several entry/exit points so that a rider can pick the parts of the trail that suits him or her. A weekend at Chickasaw will find racers training by doing multiple laps of the entire course or families with small children on their bikes riding the scenic River and Woodland Trails. Chickasaw Trace Park has a log cabin to rent and two open-air shelters available for gatherings. There is a radio control flight field for model airplanes, a radio control track for model cars, a boat ramp for the Duck River and a pavilion at MTB parking area. Maps of the course are available at Columbia Cycling Club’s sign located at the Mountain Bike parking field.