Women in Art, a new art exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month, will display in the heart of Downtown Columbia at the Visit Columbia Welcome Center (713 N. Main St.). The exhibit will be on display beginning in March and will be open during the operating hours of Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM; Sunday 12: 00 PM – 3:00 PM. This art exhibit will showcase the incredible talent of four local artists, Robyn Barber, Hannah Croteau, Carol Chesier Hutchison, and Morgan Jones. The art pieces will also be available for purchase through the artists directly.

Robyn Barber is one-half of an artisan couple living in Santa Fe, Tennessee.  While she has had a life-long passion for creativity, her husband has fostered a love of woodworking. They now nurture their creativity in their combined workshop known as Chestnut Grove Studios. “My art is influenced by the beauty that is found throughout the many scenic areas of my home state, Tennessee,” stated Robyn. Her earliest artwork was created using acrylic paints on canvas in an impressionist style; and her most recent studio time has been spent experimenting with eco-printing, mixed media and watercolors. She currently teach workshops on the 2nd Saturday of each month in Spring Hill, and they are designed for the creatively curious at any level. You can reach her by email at ChestnutGroveStudios@yahoo.com or online at www.ChestnutGroveStudios.com.

Hannah Croteau currently resides in Columbia and is known as a fly fishing, nature-based artist. Having been featured in FlyFusionmag.com in 2018, she has specialized in painting fly lures, commissioned paintings, murals and now her most recent and popular work of black and white paintings. Hannah sells paintings around the globe and her hope is to, not only have a thriving art business, but to create a business that is based on the principles of integrity, love and giving. Hannah stated, "I want my business to be one that operates in love that can be a light in the darkness and a blessing to anyone who comes in contact with me and my work." She believes that to create is to give and hopes that anyone she works with feels like more love has been added to their life and they are reminded to connect with the beautiful creation that surrounds us. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @Hannahcroteauart or online at www.hannahcroteau.com.

Carol Cheshier Hutchison is an abstract artist who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has displayed her artwork in various art shows and has executed countless commissions. Carol mostly works in acrylic paint and charcoal, however, drawing with charcoal is her first love. She is inspired by nature, shapes, and forms, and enjoys seeing them from a unique perspective, many times adding a humorous element. She loves to interpret her subjects - which many times are thoughts and compositions from her psyche - in color, pattern, and through a spiritual lens. “My favorite commissions have been what I call ‘Modern Portrait,’” Hutchison shared. “Which is a portrait but abstract - not a traditional photo or painting of the family.” Carol can be found in her studio above Columbia Health Foods in Downtown Columbia or on Instagram at @carolhutchisonart.

Morgan Jones was born and raised in Columbia, TN. Painting has become one of her favorite hobbies over the years especially painting animals and flowers. Morgan’s two little girls enjoy painting and love to help with ideas. “My love of painting came from the calmness it brings in every stroke,” stated Morgan. She has painted for friends and family and now has her artwork on display for others to enjoy. You can find here on Facebook. 

The public, locals and tourists, are encouraged to come view the exhibit, learn more about the local artists, their art styles, and the stories behind their pieces.