Experience the vibrant spirit of Spring in Columbia at our newest exhibit. Located in the heart of Downtown Columbia at the Visit Columbia Welcome Center (713 N. Main St.), this captivating display will feature the incredible talent of three esteemed local artists: Jennifer Turnpin, Ron E. Marks, and Kristin Siebold. The exhibit will be on display beginning in March and will be open during the operating hours of Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM; Sunday 12: 00 PM – 3:00 PM. The art pieces will also be available for purchase through the artists directly. 


From the moment she could hold a paintbrush, Jennifer Turpin knew that art was her true calling. Born into a long line of strong and creative women, she is proud to be an artist following the footsteps of those who came before her. Surrounded by art and music throughout childhood, Jennifer was captivated by the endless possibilities of self-expression and the ability to create something truly unique. Jennifer currently resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with her family. She is known for her vibrant acrylic paintings with a focus on people, pets, & plants. Jennifer's artistic focus lies in capturing the true essence of the individual, often through joyful expressions and playful gestures. This fascination with diversity fuels her passion, as her art not only reflects the richness of different cultures but also celebrates the unique spirit residing within each person she portrays. Using a style that emphasizes the expressive nature of acrylic paints, Jennifer allows the brushstrokes and pigments themselves to become active storytellers, adding depth and character to her artwork. Witnessing the connection her art sparks in others brings her immense joy and is one of her greatest rewards. Jennifer invites you to explore her art at the Columbia Welcome Center and her online art gallery:  https://www.jenniferturpinart.com/.

Jennifer Turnpin

RON E. MARKS, Photographer

Born in New York City, Ron Marks started his career as a working musician, playing guitar in bands and studios across the South since 1986. In 2000, he found himself in Nashville and has called Middle Tennessee home ever since. Ron moved to Columbia in 2016 to get away from the hustle of Nashville. He had dabbled in photography here and there since he was a kid but got into it in 2006 when he wanted to document my cross-country motorcycle rides. Ron has had a camera with him always, ever since. His photography is almost exclusively black & white film. You can find Ron at local events capturing life in Tennessee. He is easy to spot in his bib overalls and carrying multiple film cameras. Check out Ron’s work and contact him on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/skram_nor.

Ron E. Marks


Kristin Seibold is an artist/muralist who discovered a passion for painting at a young age. Native to Tennessee, she lives with her husband and three children in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Her canvas of choice is to paint on old rusty items that would otherwise be discarded. Kristin’s artwork focuses primarily on mules with lots of personality and other interesting subjects in acrylic. Her secondary focus is mural restoration and/or creation by designing and painting custom murals for business and residential clients. Painting brings Kristin peach and offers a place to meditate on the beauty in the world and the grace felt while living in it. See her work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paintedmuleart/.

Kristin Seibold

Everyone is invited to explore the exhibit and delve into the talent of our local artists, discovering their unique styles and the stories behind their pieces.