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Rickey R. Turner

  • 3293 Ashwood Road
  • Mount Pleasant, TN 38474
  • Phone: 9313790546
  • Overview

    Just as glass is born in the fire, it was fire that gave birth to Turner’s mastery of his craft.  In 2005, the church that Turner attended, burned to the ground, tragically only days after its congregation had celebrated paying off the mortgage.  When the artist who had originally created the stained glass windows became ill and unable to recreate her work, Turner looked deep inside himself and recognized a talent that had waited until this moment to grow.   Previously, Rickey had worked with several art media types including pencil, pastels, watercolor, pen and ink, and charcoal.  Glass was, however, a new and fascinating challenge.  Through a combination of discipline, dedication, and faith, he learned the craft of glass art.  Turner reproduced the twenty windows for his rebuilt church as well as four intricate panels for its pulpit.  He then opened his studio for business.  Rickey also excels in the art of glass painting, creating portraits, medallions, and miscellaneous commissions through the medium of vitreous paints, silver stains, and enamels.   As a dedicated husband and father, he understands the importance of a home and the value of heirloom pieces that can accompany family members into the future.  As he crafts his glass work to the specifications of each project, he knows that he is taking a dream and carefully, skillfully, creating a cherished possession.