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Quan McFall

  • Main Street
  • Columbia, TN 38401
  • Overview

    Quan McFall is a Columbia local, graduating from Columbia Central High School where he pursued the visual arts. He has invested countless hours into many artistic fields such as painting, illustrations, digital design, installations, apparel and public/private surface art. McFall has made a name for himself over time by making his skills available for and to the public. Passionate about the future of the arts, McFall helps with many school programs, teaching kids about career goals, artistic endeavors and teaching private lessons for those wanting to expand their creativity. When he's not working with paints and pens, McFall is behind the camera lens or at his computer editing. Years of hands-on practical experience showcase his talents in video production shooting a wide variety of content from the award-winning online show 'Maury County Now' to music videos, promotional content and more. McFall has made a name for himself locally and virtually while helping his clients succeed and giving back to his hometown of Columbia.