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Life Through the Lens Photo Club

  • Main Street
  • Columbia, TN 38401
  • Overview

    We are artists, creatives, hobbyist, professionals and beginners. We are filled with the passion of exploring life through the lens of a camera, any camera, DSLR, film, mirrorless, cell phone, med format or any camera that we find in our hands at the time that inspiration strikes. We capture meaning, emotion, gesture, shape, lines, texture and patterns, that make up life. We preserve history. We discover hidden gems. We help conserve the environment. We promote marriage,friendships and family. We tell stories. We share news. We see God through His creation. We document life at its best and at its worst. We celebrate wins and losses and the passage of time. We freeze moments that only happen once. We create moments that never happened. We remind others of moments that were, and what could be. We paint, we color, we experiment, we create art. We are masters of light and shadow. We bring our uniques perspectives to the world. We strive to grow our crafts and interests to become the best that we want to be. We are visual artists. We are Photographers.