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James Richards

  • Overview

    J. R. started creating cartoons when he was only a few years old. As time passed, he quickly learned that he really loved the art world. He gained a passion for creating jewelry while in college and sold one ring to a man that is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Lapidary, metal casting, wood carving, enameling, oils, acrylics, photography are subjects he enjoys. He started working in photography while in the army and was the group photographer having a story in the Stars and Stripes newspaper. Before retiring from teaching, J.R. taught art in grades pre-k through 12 grades and “Intro to Art” for a college. He has a collection of art history books and loves to study humans and their art. J.R. understands the art of realism and photo realism, but prefers the art that has not been seen before on this planet. He calls this type of art “Art of the Mind” and finds it more interesting than creating traditional works of people, animals, or things seen in the visual world. He has art works all over the world including India, Belgium, England, Venezuela, Canada, and the USA. J.R. favors pencil art and watercolors. Watercolors are very challenging and take a considerably longer time than other media, but he finds the extra effort involved can help gain a much-needed discipline in art. J.R. is also a musician and can be heard playing guitar at the CAB Cafe in the Columbia Arts Building and on the square during 'First Fridays.' J.R.'s art can been seen on his blog "JRs Art of the Mind".