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James C. Sloan

  • Main Street
  • Columbia, TN 38401
  • Overview

    I had the privilege of growing up in Columbia, with two strong role models: my father and my grandfather. They taught me about being a leader in my community and how to make a difference. It was this love for community and love to help others that forged my passions for architecture and art. I am both an architect and an artist, and each one informs and affects the other. In architecture, I strive for a sense of place in my designs. As an artist, I strive to offer an escape and a moment of repose. In my current artwork, I explore abstract moments that occur within our daily lives. Through the movement of color, light, and form, I interpret these moments onto canvas. As in all my work, architecture and art, the process is crucial to the success of the ultimate product. Starting with a frame, I stretch and prime each canvas. I measure out and sketch the underlying skeleton of a moment that has been captured. It is not until then, that I begin washing, brushing, and moving paint onto the surface, to convey that moment. Come with me, as I explore these moments of tranquility, wonder, and awe. Come experience the process.