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Crystal Waller

  • Main Street
  • Columbia, TN 38401
  • Overview

    Designer and maker of functional pottery – for living.    For me, creating and making with my hands is gratifying because the practice brings me into a sacred space of contemplation, prayer and centering, and results in purposeful and useful contributions to our common, everyday lives. Yours and mine.   The beauty and allure of pottery is its uniqueness, its ancient origins, and the process through which clay is transformed from dirt into eternal vessels, much like the process of sanctification of the human spirit. Objects of beauty, imperfection, function and purpose, each piece begins as Common Clay, and is formed by hand and fire to create objects of enduring beauty that enhance the lives of those whose spaces they occupy. (2 Timothy 2:20-21). My studio is more than a beautiful mess. It’s a place where I go to quiet my soul. To explore. To meditate and pray. To seek. And to listen. I am not interested in predictable outcomes or exacting the design of my imagination, but rather stretching a design to realize what good thing or purpose can be brought forth. Sometimes… often, what starts as a promising idea spins up into something unexpected, becomes marred and needs to be reshaped, or collapses. Almost as often it returns to the lump in which it began and I start again, and again…and again. Common Clay Studio is located in Columbia, TN. Visits and classes by appointment only. Visit at, Facebook, or Instagram.