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Brad Anderson

  • Overview

    Born and raised in Columbia TN, Brad Anderson got into drawing as a child because he bothered one of his sisters so much that she got fed up and gave him some paper and crayons and told him to go somewhere and draw something. Since then he would try to draw everything he liked, mainly the characters in the comic books and cartoon characters on TV. Anderson took art classes in schools and got his A.S. Degree from Columbia State Community College. Since then he's created art in different styles such as oil paintings, color pencils, design markers, air brushing, always pushing himself to see what he can do. It wasn't until Anderson began watching Terry Madden's Watercolor Workshop that he became interested in watercolors. This inspired him to paint portraits, animals, flowers, places, and even comic book heroes in watercolors. His work has been exhibited at Columbia State Community College’s Pryor Art Gallery and various businesses in Columbia.