This photography project is a tribute to the people behind these small businesses - those who help shape the uniqueness of our small town and work hard to make life a little sweeter.

Bonnie Esslinger, Bleu 32

The small business series started as I observed the impact of the pandemic on out community.

John Davis, Finishing Touch Barber Shop

This series is full of people who dreamed up businesses to make life better for all of us.

Michelle Hughes, Bloomstall

These people help us pick out graduation gifts, teach our children how to dance, bring food to our table, and service our cars.

Steven & Christine Bailey - The Kindred Farm

We know them by name and appreciate the work they do.

Pete Prevost - Briarworks

The impact of the coronavirus is different for all businesses.

Lucy McEwen - Lily Jane

For some, it halted work completely while others have struggled to meet demands.

TJ & Rochelle Hutt - Little Juice Company

Through it all, we can always find common ground. That is - we are all impacted and we all depend on our community. 

The Foxs & The Rodes - Bad Idea Brewing

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