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Tyler Steigelman

  • Overview

    My name is Tyler Steigelman and I push a clothing brand around Columbia called WorthWhile Brand. The meaning of the brand is to remind everyone no matter the person or situation, that they are WorthWhile and to always be yourself. I’ve done several speaking engagements throughout town such as: Boys and Girls Club, Columbia State Leadership Summit, EA Cox Middle Anti-bullying campaign, etc. I hand screen print all of my clothing. The clothing goes with the individuality aspect of the brand. Each piece is different just like the person wearing it. In my eyes my printing technique is my artwork and the clothing is the canvas. My mission with WorthWhile Brand is to ensure that everyone no matter who you are or what situation you are in, you never forget that you are worthwhile, and that your life matters. Everybody goes through a point in their life where they are down or don't feel like they are worth it. Next time that feeling happens to you put on your WorthWhile shirt, shine like the stars, and never forget how important you really are. Bring Individuality to light.