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Ryan Rado

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    The neurologists told me around age 6 that I had a case of Co-morbid Tourette's Syndrome. Over the decades, I've done my best to incorporate sometimes painful tic movements and undesirable vocalizations into every day life. I have to. The other option? Stay in the box my body and mind have been bursting from, in turn stomping out the fire inside. Instead, I've learned to use an otherwise annoying and possibly debilitating disease as a most precious gift to connect with other people and gain insight about my own life. I choose to interact with and respond to their misunderstanding and preconceived ideas of why I do what I do. I used to explain and make excuses for myself and these bursts of expression- not anymore. It makes me who I am - it helps make my work what it is. Alive with depth and color. My work helps me learn more about myself and you. Let's do this.