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Daphne Culver

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    Daphne Culver (chief architect, namesake) went from turning wrenches to turning heads. Her writing and production style utilizes familiar yet unorthodox pop sensibilities in their songs to exercise the demons of life, love and loss that we have all faced or will surely face in the not-too-distant future. The testament of a great song is in its ability to transcend genre and they achieve this not by careful calculation but by simply writing from a place of honesty and experience; reveling in each song's creation and in what the listener will continue to take from them. When the musical gears begin to seamlessly click and spin together, Daphne & The Mystery Machines communicate with each other through the songs themselves and, in doing so, open a direct channel to the hearts of their audience and transmit a palpable intensity. Their ascension is beginning like the start of a dream and when a dream of music finally appears in color, it sounds exactly like Daphne & The Mystery Machines.