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The Tennessee Four ft. Thomas Gabriel

  • Overview

    The Tennessee Four is a unique, original-cast Johnny Cash show, unlike any other Johnny Cash tribute show you might hear about or see. The band is comprised of original Johnny Cash musicians – Kerry Marks (guitar, on tour with Cash for 5 years), Dave Roe (bass, with Cash the last 10 years of his career), Paul Leim (drums, performed with Cash on TV special & records), and a HUGE treat for all of us – featured on vocals is Cash’s grandson, Thomas Gabriel.

    Thomas grew up on the road touring with Johnny, and Johnny was a huge influence and inspiration in his life. He developed his vocal style in the likeness of his famous Grandpa and brings a bloodline, close relationship and family story to this show that no one else can replicate. This is the real deal Johnny Cash show. Each member of the band is among the most successful musicians in America in their own right. All had the pleasure of performing with Johnny Cash and all are proud of performing with his talented grandson, Thomas.

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