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Homestead Festival

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    Have you always wanted to learn how to grow your own food... Raise chickens, or milk a cow? Harvest, cook, can, and preserve? Have babies at home, or homeschool them as they grow? Keep bees or start a flower garden? Or just build a more sustainable life? That's what we're working to help folks build with The Homestead Festival. This two day event on June 3rd and 4th, 2022 is bringing together some of the most influential speakers, teachers, and icons for a two-day event where you can learn not only how to grow your own food, but also how to grow a life filled with meaning and purpose. Joining us on this journey are musical headliners Kevin Costner & Modern West, The Isaacs, Bradley Walker, Jimmy Fortune... PLUS top speakers Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes from Abundant Permaculture, Dr. Temple Grandin, and more! We hope you'll consider joining us on Rory Feek's historic farm in Columbia, TN. -- Get tickets and more at TheHomesteadFestival.com. The Homestead Festival, a first-of-its-kind outdoor event, will make its debut on June 3-4, 2022 at Rory Feek's 100-acre historic farm in Columbia, Tennessee. MUSICAL HEADLINERS INCLUDE Kevin Costner & Modern West (Saturday evening), plus The Isaacs, Jimmy Fortune, and The Brotherly Love Project (Fortune, Walker, Rogers, Isaacs) (Friday night). MASTERCLASS LECTURES from prominent homesteading community leaders including:Joel Salatin and Shari Salatin from Polyface Farms, Dr. Temple Grandin Justin and Rebekah Rhodes, from Abundant Permaculture Melissa K. Norris of Pioneering Today Annetta Thurmon of Azure Farm Life Angela Ferraro-Fanning of Axe & Root Homestead Kate St. Cyr of The Modern Day Settler Rhyne Cureton AKA "Pork" Rhyne Anne Accetta Scott of A Farm Girl in the Making Pamela Hunt, certified professional midwife (CPM) and founding member of The Farm Midwifery Center Theron Hutton, MD, Founder and Medical Director for Mulberry Clinics Cliff Davis from Pig & Leaf Flower farmer, Heidi Feek, of firekid Clare Nugent, Founder of Ferntop Nature Preschool Kevin & Mikki Krause of Liberty Trace Farm Rebecca Lamb of The Homestead School at Hardison Mill Emilie Toups from Toups and Co Organics Jessica Sowards from Roots and Refuge Darryl Patton aka The Southern Herbalist Sam Lamb from The Farm & Fiddle The festival schedule will feature a variety of homesteading classes during the day and then musical performances on the main stage at sunset. The full schedule will be announced soon. ---- HISTORY OF THE HOMESTEAD FESTIVAL: From 2008 to 2013, Rory Feek and his wife Joey held their annual Bib & Buckle Fest, where thousands of fans from all over attended outdoor concerts on the front lawn of their historic farm. The Homestead Festival honors that legacy while adding the educational components, bringing together "music with meaning." Since Joey’s passing in 2016, Rory has expanded the farm adding more rotational-grazed pastures for cows and chickens, a one-room schoolhouse with a barnyard and livestock, multiple gardens, a greenhouse, and continued to host concerts on the farm in his 300-seat venue known as Homestead Hall. All in an effort to be more sustainable for his large extended family who live, work, and teach on the farm. It will be a special all-in-one weekend for inspiration and entertainment. We hope you can join us! Tickets, travel info, and more are listed at TheHomesteadFestival.com.