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First Fridays Street Performers Application

Columbia Main Street First Fridays


Thank you for applying as a Street Performer Participant for Columbia Main Street First Fridays. This popular event takes place the first Friday of each month, April through December, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

The first block of West 7th Street and the west half of the public square will be closed off for First Fridays where street performers & musicians will set up in designated areas of the street. (Street performers and other participants will no longer be allowed to set up on the public sidewalks anywhere in downtown, only in the First Fridays event area and only approved applicants.)

It's important to know that SPACE IS LIMITED. Submitting a completed First Fridays application does not mean guaranteed acceptance to participate. All applications must be reviewed by the Columbia Main Street First Fridays Committee. Every effort will be taken to ensure a great and varied lineup each month.

Submit a First Fridays application between the 1st and the 14th of the month prior to First Fridays. Applicant will be informed by the 19th of acceptance status. If accepted, applicant will have five days to submit booth fee and certificate of insurance.


Street Performer defined as acoustic musicians, performance groups, and street entertainers.


  • All Street Performers must complete a First Fridays application (below) between the 1st and the14th of the month prior to First Fridays to be considered for participation. Applicants will be informed via email of their acceptance status by the 19th of the month. If accepted, street performer applicants will receive instructions on arrival time and set-up;
  • Street Performers will be permitted to set up free of charge in designated areas of the First Fridays event as determined by the Columbia Main Street First Fridays Committee;
  • Street Performers will not be permitted to set up on any public sidewalks or other areas except within the boundaries of the First Fridays event;
  • Street Performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at performance location and be present during the entire performance.  The parent must sign all application and release forms granting permission of the minor to perform;
  • No amplified music is permitted. Sound must be kept at a level not to be heard more than 50 feet away;
  • Generators are prohibited by all participants with the exception of approved food trucks and no electricity access will be provided;
  • Street Performers are responsible for their own setup and teardown and all equipment needed to perform; 
  • Street Performers are responsible for removal and clean up of all items brought to the event and any trash within their designated space. Must leave space completely clean. Waste dumpsters are available in the north parking lot (through the breezeway beside Square Market);
  • Street Performers are not permitted to sell products/services during First Fridays. (Apply as a vendor instead if you wish to sell products/services. Vendor booth fee is $25 and space is also limited);
  • Street Performers are permitted to accept tips;
  • Participants must maintain family-friendly attire at all times while performing at First Fridays. 
  • The use of profane, indecent, abusive, or threatening language or behavior will result in immediate removal from First Fridays;
  • Street Performers are not permitted to share designated space with other street performers that have not been approved;




Inclement weather is described as either undesirable or unsafe weather conditions for outdoor events. Inclement weather can come in different forms, a outlined below. This policy is designed to help the event management team identify when forecasted or actual weather conditions require event cancellation.


Event management shall use the National Weather Service for forecasting weather conditions regarding First Fridays.

Trigger to Cancel Event:

  • 0 to 24 Hours Advance Notice = Heat Advisory or Excessive Heat Watch
  • 0 to 12 Hours Advance Notice = Tornado Watch, Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Excessive Heat Warning, Rain Chance Greater than 50% during event setup and/or event time
  • During Event = Heat Index of 108 Degrees Fahrenheit, Observed Winds more than 25mph


  • Email sent to all approved vendors, city officials, and any other parties involved in event management regarding cancellation
  • Social media post on Columbia First Fridays and Columbia Main Street Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Columbia Main Street website, will be updated to reflect the cancellation
  • If a decision is made to cancel First Fridays based on guidance contained in this policy, vendors may be offered (a) a credit for First Fridays booth space in the current calendar year or (b) a refund of booth fee. Vendor and event management must confirm agreement in writing. 




  • Applicant agrees to hereby indemnify and hold harmless Columbia Main Street Corporation and the City of Columbia, its appointed or elected officials, employees, agents and sponsors, board members, or representatives from any and all actions, causes of action, or claims of any kind or nature which I or my representative may incur as a result of participation in First Fridays;
  • Applicant agrees to and acknowledges the guidelines and restrictions outlined above; 
  • Applicant agrees to and acknowledges the Inclement Weather Policy;
  • Applicant understands that notice of acceptance status will go out via email by the 19th of the month prior to First Fridays;
  • Applicant further understands that the organization and its representatives may be photographed and videotaped during the event, and hereby releases and consents to reproduction of such photos and videos for publicity purposes by Columbia Main Street Corporation and the City of Columbia;
  • Once applicant is accepted, this document and the submitted application serve as a contract between applicant, City of Columbia, and Columbia Main Street Corporation to abide by the guidelines and restrictions of the event;
  • Applicant understands that any non-compliance with these guidelines and restrictions may result in the discontinuation of applicant's ability to participate in First Fridays for a timeframe deemed appropriate by the Columbia Main Street First Fridays Committee;
  • By selecting "YES" at the bottom of the application, the applicant is signifying they have read and agree to the terms of this agreement as outlined by Columbia Main Street Corporation and the City of Columbia.


Questions? Please contact Columbia Main Street First Fridays Committee: